Fic – EAD: In the footsteps of fantasy

Title: In the footsteps of fantasy
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Current Word Count:
Category: Gen (at the moment)
Warnings: canon-level violence/injuries/language; an abundance of fantasy tropes/clichés thrown in (rather, there will be)
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters named in this, nor the associated media. The plot however, is mine. No money is being made from this piece of fiction and no harm is meant by it towards anyone.

The Stargate closed behind them with a gentle ‘kawoosh’ and the meadow fell silent. Jack O’Neill took his hat off and scrubbed a hand through his hair before he pulled the hat back onto his head and bent the peak into shape over his eyes. He took in his surroundings, taking note of how high the sun was in the sky for one thing, before he turned back to his team.

“Well, there’s trees.”

“Of course there’s trees, Jack. We saw them in MALP report less than three hours ago.” Daniel said, eyebrow raised and a slight smirk hinting around his mouth.

“No need to get snippy, Daniel.” Jack replied, eyes narrowed at Daniel in mock anger, his open posture belying his tone.

“Sorry to have aggravated you, Captain Obvious.” The hint of a smirk on Daniel’s face earlier was now threatening to take over.

“That’s Colonel Obvious to you, Danny.” Jack grinned as he replied, glad that the banter between him and Daniel was back to normal since Daniel’s de-ascension, or as normal as things ever got between them.

Sam was carefully not laughing at them as she checked the readings from the MALP with her own equipment. They looked set to snark with each other for the foreseeable future if Teal’c hadn’t taken that moment to point out their destination, a small village nestled between the two lowest hills in the range and the edge of a river, and comment on the steadily encroaching dark grey clouds that appeared to be homing in on them specifically.

“ColonelO’Neill, MajorCarter, DanielJackson, I estimate that the rain clouds shall catch up with us in the next couple of hours. Three at the most. We should hurry to the village.”

“That matches with what the readings that the MALP sent back. It looks like weather in this area can change very rapidly even though we’re a long way off from the mountains or any sea. It’s highly likely that the deposits of Naquadah relatively close to the surface from the foot of the mountain range out another thirty to forty five klicks from here are creating a natural EM field that affects the weather for miles around.” Sam commented as she shut down the MALP and settled her pack on her back, seemingly on pausing to take a breath as she hitched the pack a notch higher on her back.

Jack’s eyebrow was raised in the “what a waste of a perfectly good explanation” position as he turned to Sam from checking the progress of the clouds.

“T, you’re on point. Sam, Daniel, you’re up next. I’ll cover our six. Sam, keep an eye out for any anomalies in the Naquadah scans. Let me know the moment anything pings.”

“Don’t you mean if anything pings, Sir?”

“This is us and we’re off world, Carter. Of course there’ll ping. I’m holding out for a good ping but I’ll settle for a mildly interesting ping.” Jack replied as he put his shades on and re-settled his MP5 as they headed out.

*~*~*There was less than half a klick to the village when the heavens opened on them. Visibility suddenly plummeted to maybe 5 feet and everything took on a decidedly grey edge.

“‘Faeder, ‘faeder! There’s travellers on the road, look!” A very young voice shouted with excitement.

“I see them, Ailric.” Replied a much more suspicious, and older sounding, voice.

“Halt, travellers. State your purpose here.”

Before Jack could stop him, Daniel had walked up to the person that the voice belonged to and started talking to it. ‘It’ turned out to be a man of indeterminate features with either brown or black hair and was between Carter and Daniel in height. Maybe. Visibility was getting worse by the minute.

“We’re travellers and explorers, we mean you no harm. Could we please continue this out of the rain?”

“Aye, that sounds only fair. I’ll take you to the Heartholme; Elfreda and her man can see to you for the night.” The man nodded to himself and sent the young child back inside the wooden house they were standing by.

Once the child was inside and the door was closed behind (rather, was left to slam itself shut), the man turned around and stalked off towards one of the sturdier looking wooden buildings further into the village. He looked back once to make sure that the team were keeping up with him and only stopped when they had reached what the team assumed was the Heartholme.

Their guide practically pounded on the door to get the attention of the people the other side of it.

“Elfreda, it’s Elric. There’s travellers needing a place to stay the night.” Elric had barely finished speaking when the door was yanked open and a person appeared in the doorway,

“Come in, come in. And be quick about it, I don’t want to lose the heat to the weather,” said an elderly, but strong, female voice. This was most likely to be Elfreda, Jack thought.

The team filed in as quickly as they could. When they were all in, their guide, Elric, bade them goodnight and closed the door firmly behind himself, presumably going back to his own warm home to dry out.

“Well, come on in then, sit by the fire. You must be soaked to the bone, you poor things.” When the team were too slow for Elfreda’s tastes, she chastised them.

“Come on, take a seat. No one here will bite you.” At that, she looked them over, a surprisingly mischievous twinkle in her eyes for someone of her advanced years, and spoke again, “well, not without asking first, mind.”

At that, Jack couldn’t help but grin at her and take his hat off with more of a flourish that was generally needed to do the job. As he tucked it into a pocket of his tac vest, he nodded to Daniel to being the introductions.

“Thank you for letting us into your home. We are explorers and have travelled far from our lands.”

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