Fic: Fade to black

Title: Fade to black
Beta: Jilly James
Fandom/Genre: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1; fluff
Relationship: John/Cam
Word Count: 1,349
Content Rating:: PG-13
Author’s Notes: Written as a gift for badfalcon as she was having a shitty day
Summary: Cam comes home from a long week to a very welcome surprise.

– – – –

It was Friday. The first Friday in a quite a while that Cam didn’t have to be up at the crack of dawn the next day for a briefing, mission, or to do any of the other myriad things that came under his purview as team lead for SG-1. To say he was relieved would be to state his feelings mildly. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his job; he just needed a break every now and then.

Cam got out of his car and carefully twisted and turned to release the tension in his back then rolled his shoulders to loosen them. When he stepped away from his car and closed the door, his shoulders were still hunched up and his jacket was pulled tight across his back. With a quiet sigh, he walked over to his apartment building, gravel crunching and reflecting the moonlight, and made his way up to his apartment.

‘What now?’ Cam thought as he reached his front door and noticed light spilling into the grey corridor from underneath it.

Wishing that he still had his sidearm with him, Cam quietly unlocked the door and carefully toed it open. He then, with all the stealth that the Air Force had trained into him, entered his apartment and followed the sounds that the intruder was making.

The clinking of glass objects and shuffling of bare feet were the easiest noises to identify. Something was rustled for a moment and a door, probably the refrigerator, opened and closed. Cam softly nudged up to the edge of the doorway and risked a quick look into the kitchen. What he saw left him dumbfounded and he let out a soft huff of surprise.


John looked up at Cam and grinned broadly. “You’re back.”

“What’re you doing here?”

John’s grin shrank at that. He blinked and looked at Cam intently. “Putting beers in your fridge to keep cold ‘til the pizza’s here. Should be 10 minutes.” John shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and crossed his arms; a frown was threatening to appear on his face.

Cam rocked on his heels for a moment and then strode over to John and grabbed him in a bear hug, nearly lifting John off of his feet with the force of it. “I’ve missed you so much,” he whispered into John’s neck.

John wrapped his arms around Cam and held him tightly while Cam shook slightly in his arms. “Me too.”

They held on to each other almost desperately and would have stayed like that for the rest of the night if the front door buzzer hadn’t gone off and startled them back to reality.

John got the pizza sorted and grabbed a beer each from the fridge as Cam just stood there trying to work out how and why John was in his apartment. On Earth.

When Cam didn’t immediately join John on the sofa, John got up and walked back over to him. “Join me? I’ve got pizza and beer.”

“How’re you here, John? Not that I don’t want you here, but you’re here and not there.” Even as tired as he was, Cam was aware enough to not mention Atlantis or anything else about the SGC outside of the mountain.

John’s right hand rested on Cam’s shoulder and his thumb rubbed soothing circles that helped Cam to relax more than expected. “It’s the biannual debrief this week. We’ve got the weekend off but we’ll be back at it from Monday,” John replied, his voice soft and low.

Cam blinked and then let out a short, self-deprecating laugh. “Ah hell, I lost track of time in a big way. Sorry.”

John replied with a grin and a squeeze of Cam’s shoulder before his hand slid down to Cam’s hand. “Pizza’s getting cold-“

“-and the beer’s getting warm,” Cam interrupted John with a small smile and let John gently drag him over to the sofa.

Lazy kisses were traded between bites of pizza while a recorded game of college ball played in the background. Their evening was only interrupted every once in a while by Cam’s occasional winces as a muscle twinged or a joint popped when he moved positions on the sofa.

When the latest game finished, and neither of them moved to play the next one, John stood up and held a hand out to Cam. Cam raised an eyebrow in response.

John rolled his eyes and said, “I can practically hear how much pain you’re in. Don’t play the fool with me.” John frowned at that. “Especially not with me,” he added in a quieter voice.

Cam was sorry that he’d put that look on John’s face and caused him to question, however slightly, Cam’s trust in him, and got up as smoothly as he could from the sofa. He took the two steps over to John and grabbed both of his hands. The smile John gave at that lit up the room and made Cam’s heart soar.

Walking backwards, taking care not to bump into anything, John slowly but surely pulled Cam along with him to the bedroom. Every couple of steps, John pulled Cam in flush with him and kissed him.

When they were just shy of the bed, Cam pulled away and dragged John’s t-shirt off of him in one swift, very well-practiced move. His hands roamed all over the golden skin now available to him. John moaned, and Cam grinned at how good that sounded; like a siren’s song. His hands sped up as the moan was repeated and they soon found their way to the flies of John’s jeans. In next to no time, John was standing with his jeans around his ankles and only his underwear and socks still on.

“Now this won’t do,” John said as he stepped out of his jeans and speedily stripped Cam down to his skin. “That’s better. You should be like that all the time,” he said as his eyes raked over Cam’s naked skin.

Cam smirked and raised an eyebrow at John’s comment. He’d agree so long as John decided to join him in continual nakedness.

John leaned in and kissed Cam tenderly on the lips. “Lie down on your front, I’ll look after you,” John said gently as he prodded Cam on to the bed.

Intrigued, Cam lay down as instructed, head pillowed on his arms, and face turned to the left. Safe in the knowledge that John would never hurt him, he relaxed into the mattress.

He couldn’t see much, just the wall a few feet from the edge of the bed, but he could hear John as he took a few steps away from the bed. Moments later there was the sound of a zip being undone and clothing being moved around as John presumably rummaged around his bag for something.

A quiet, “Ah ha!” preceded John climbing on the bed and crawling up Cam’s body, only stopping when his knees bracketed Cam’s hips. The snick of a lid being opened and John’s hands rubbing together with a slick sound was all the warning that Cam got as to what was going to happen next.

John’s hands slid slowly up Cam’s back, gliding smoothly and surely over the tense muscles, learning where was too painful for any touch, where made Cam moan low and long, and all the places in between.

“Fuck! John, don’t stop,” Cam grunted out as John worked on a particularly hard knot that felt so good at being released.

“Wasn’t planning on it.” Cam could hear the smirk in John’s voice, and his smugness when he added, “Especially not when you make such pretty sounds.”

John continued working on Cam’s back, sometimes straying off to his arms and legs, until Cam was a pliable, boneless pile of mush. Or, at least, that’s how Cam felt as he fought sleep.

“Don’t fight it; go to sleep. I’ve got your back,” Cam heard John say, but it was barely more than a murmur at this point.

Cam released his tenuous grip on consciousness moments later and fell asleep in John’s arms.

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  1. Cassie says:

    Love love love
    Thank you 💜


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