Evil Author Day

Evil Author Day (EAD) happens on the 15th of February every year.

But what is EAD?

Apparently, EAD has changed since it’s original incarnation. Today, it’s a wonderful annual event where author’s post small parts of fics that they’re working on. It could be a couple of hundred words or even a few thousand.

“How can that be evil?” I hear some of you ask. Well, that’s because there’s no promise from the author to actually complete the fic. I could finish it in a fortnights time, a years time or never. So, with that in mind READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL. Seriously. Don’t bitch to the author or try & persuade them to continue on. That’s rude, you were warned.


My offerings are below (links will go live on the 15th), followed by a link to the EAD collection for this year (added when the page goes live).

What am I? – The Losers – Gen (for now) – word count: 2,093
In the footsteps of fantasy – Stargate SG-1 – Gen/team fic (for now) – word count: 1,077
Carriers and Compatibility – Stargate Atlantis – slash – word count: 5,049

EAD Collective – put together by Jilly James – thank you Jilly 🙂