Strength of Character – Author etc.

This was originally posted to my dreamwidth account, dragons_fic, on 10th November 2009 as my entry to startrekbigbang that year. The text below are the original Author’s Notes with the original post.

When the idea for this fic was first conceived, it was a cracky little thing that was never meant to go passed about 5/6k. Somehow, over time, the little cracky plot that could grew actual plot and then grew somewhat serious. The serious!plot ate most of the crack!plot and became the fic that you’re about to read. I feel it prudent to warn you that some of the crack!plot remains in it despite the serious!plot’s attempt to exterminate it.

Consider yourself warned.

Before I get on to the “Thanks” portion of this post, I have a couple of things I’d like to say. Firstly, sorry if the use of cloaking technology by the Parthracians seemed out of place and jolted you out of the fic, but I agonised over how to write everything involving that planet and its people with monica_catch22 over IM and it became evident that this was the only way to go without re-writing TONS of the fic, the time for which, I didn’t have. So if that’s a real problem for you, then sorry, I hope you enjoyed the rest of the fic and please find it in your heart to forgive me. If you’re going to get pissy over it, then I have full permission from monica_catch22 to sick her on you to remind you that reboot!Trek is an AU and this is an AU of that and the presence of such technology as is/was the Narada and what it did to the Kelvin with such ease could easily have had effects that caused technology to appear much sooner than it did in TOS!Trek.

Secondly, this is the first time I have ever written genderbent fic of any variety so again, apologies if it’s not as good as others that you’ve read, but constructive criticism can only make me better, right?

Thirdly, and lastly, this has been the longest fic I have ever written (previous longest fic c.3,300 words) and has caused me to at times flail in happiness and at other times want to not just delete the fic, but throw my laptop, harddrive and earphones (yes, the earphones were also instrumental in getting this fic written *nods solemnly*) out of my bedroom window with great enthusiasm. A lot of the time I was bouncing around the middle. It has been a great experience, I’ve learnt a lot about fic writing and myself whilst doing this, but I really think I need to go and hide under my duvet for a while now (especially as I’m convinced that someone else could have done a much better job with this fic, but that’s just me).

Thank you:
Thanks go to the following people, without whom it would have been impossible to get this fic written and posted for you all to read. If you think I’ve forgotten you, I’m sorry and thanks.

J.J.Abrams et al. for creating/producing/writing/directing/acting and generally working on the amazing reboot of Star Trek.

The mods of startrekbigbang for running the challenge.

weaslett for being an awesome beta, having Spock-like knowledge of natural disasters and being so awesomely supportive via email as well as beta-ing whilst working on her Masters o.O *hugs you soooooo tight*

monica_catch22 for helping me out with a few McCoy-isms when she was still working on her own thebigbangjob & NaNo fic and for telling me over IM that the fic doesn’t suck and general cheerleading/handholding duties *hugs muchly*

My RL friend for dragging me to see ST: xi in the first place (I wasn’t sure if it’d stand up to TOS, but by heck it did and then some!), spawning the idea of fem!Bones with me and willingly chatting and plotting it whenever we met up 😀

havenward for going out of her way to help out with minutae over Twitter (even though she’s probably forgotten by now!).

koryou for the odd bit of help with coding.

To everyone else on my Twitter & LJ F’Lists who’ve cheerleaded, hand held and helped me out.

davincis_girl for pinch hitting for this fic and making the ridiculously gorgeous and drool-worthy art – thanks hun 😀 (if you haven’t seen it yet, GO NOW!!!!)

deliciousfigs for making the lovely mix to go with this fic – thanks hun 😀

Everyone over at stbbsupport, mods and members alike.

Last but by no means least, is my Mum (and to a slightly lesser extent, my Dad) for watching Star Trek weekly when it was actually on our TVs and for encouraging my love of sci-fi, fantasy and reading/writing (even if they don’t know that writing fanfic is what I do when they’re not looking…*g*).

Oh, and MemoryAlpha. When my brain left me and I forgot even the most basic of things Trek, it was there to remind me 😀