Blood and Water – Author etc.

This was originally posted on 10th August 2011 in my livejournal community, dragons_horde, as my entry for the spn_j2_bigbang that year. The text below is the original Author’s Notes with the original post.

This fic came about because I love dragons and wanted to see how they could believably (as much as anything’s believable in fiction) be worked in to the world of Supernatural. I started plotting this out to be written for the 2009 bigbang but never got anywhere near finished. As such, this was thought of and worked out well before the season 6 episode involving dragons.

I’ve done my best to keep the spellings American but as I’m British I slipped up a few times. Luckily my lovely beta caught them all, but if there’s any left in it’ll be my fault as I’ve probably gone through thinking “why’s that spelled wrongly?” and gone and changed it back!

There’s a whole heck of a lot of world building behind this story that didn’t make its way in to this story but I hope that when you read it you got the idea that I’d done some behind-the-scenes work (and hopefully it was subtle enough not to bug you whilst you read it).

There are so many people who deserve thanks that they’ve got their own section below!

In case anyone was interested in whom I mentally cast as the OCs in this, have a cast list:
Rebecca Chase – Tonantzin Carmelo
Daniel Chase – Christian Kane
Leanne Chase = daughter – not cast as I couldn’t find a child actress who fitted :/
Zoe Sinclair – Eliza Dushku
Thomas Heath – Shemar Moore

These sites were used to some extent to keep this fic from falling into total disarray on many an occasion.
Supernatural Wiki
Google maps
Wikipedia: Sagebrush lizards

Thanks go to the following people, without whom it would have been impossible to get this fic written and posted for you all to read. If you think I’ve forgotten you, I’m sorry and thanks.

Kripke et al. for creating/producing/writing/directing/acting and generally working on the amazing series that is Supernatural.

audrarose & wendy for creating spn_j2_bigbang in the first place.

ladywinchester for being an awesome beta and for poking me randomly and just plain old wanting ‘Dean with dragons’ or more importantly, minizilla! *hugs you soooooo tight* As such, she got to name minizilla *g*

amberdreams for making the prettiest art for this fic as well as putting together the PDF – thank you so much hun 😀

Most of this fic was planned out a couple of years ago, so some of the people below have probably forgotten that they helped, but I haven’t 😉

badfalcon for making me talk to her about the plot when it was still in its extremely infantile stages and for not letting me give up on it because (in her words) “Dean with dragons!!!”

weaselett for sitting me down and going through the plot point by bloody point to get it sorted out and for reining me in when I went off trying to write a version of this where Angus stays with Dean and the whole of season 1 happens as well as the whole pre-series section. Oh, did I say that she did all of this whilst working on her Masters work o.O *huge kudos*

My Friends List for being there when I needed hand holding, fact checking and general support. Special thanks to my lovelies on my Twitter f’list for seriously quick detail-gathering when I was at my wits end and unable to do the detail finding myself *hugs*

Last but by no means least, are my family (especially my brother and youngest cousin) for liking Supernatural enough that re-watching episodes occurred often enough to get the facts stuck in my brain 😀 and the people on omgspnbigbang who joined me in the “OMG there’s only X hours left and X words still to write o.O” flailing post *hugs you all*